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Ukiyo Presents The Crumbling Prince
NOW OPEN – Season 1 Episode 1

Which Mask Of Power Will You Choose?

Choose from four unique masks, each with their own special abilities:

Coffee Bean


Wield the Mask of the Moon to find secrets and hidden truths…

For the puzzle master
of the group

Coffee Bean


Control the Mask of the Sun to protect your friends from the encroaching darkness…

For the team player
of the group

Coffee Bean


Tame the Mask of the Wild to talk and interact with the animals and nature spirits…

For the kindest player
of the group

Coffee Bean


Harness the Mask of the Lost to receive guidance from the voices of the spirit world…

For the darkest soul
of the group

Will You Uncover The Dark Secret Of The Garden?

In the way that our first game ‘Deep Space’ is one step away from an Escape Room, ‘The Crumbling Prince’ is another two steps forward. It’s much more like being inside a Legend of Zelda video game, or a Studio Ghibli film such as Spirited Away, or Princess Mononoke.
At the centre of the room stands ‘Kuebiko’, a mythological demi-god who possesses knowledge of all things under the sun yet harbours a terrible secret. Join us for an adventure through serene gardens, treacherous dungeons and the deepest, darkest chasms of the mind.

Visit Ukiyo Melbourne, located in Brunswick

So far we have released Season 1, Episode 1 which goes for 1.5 hours long.

Episode 2 is due for release soon. Each episode is designed so you can play them on separate occasions, gradually unravelling the mystery of the Crumbling Prince.

Eventually we will release five separate rooms, or ‘seasons’, each made up of one or two episodes, making them between 2-3 hours in length. When complete, the Crumbling Prince adventure will be at least 10 hours long!

Season 1 is also wheelchair accessible